Liverpool Invisible Psych Arkestra #2: ‘Melt’ (California Mix)

Liverpool Invisible Psych Arkestra is back! ‘Melt’ is the second collaboration between Ivan Hell (Dirtblonde, Songs About Death) and Chris Jones (Sunstack Jones).

‘Melt’ is pure Summer! A very psychedelic Summer, like they used to be. Enjoy…

New (old) song: Impermanence

Here’s a new recording. Impermanence. In this world nothing lasts. Everything around you will one day disappear. Everyone you love one day will be all dead. This is not dark. This is not depressing or morbid. This is just a simple fact. This song is about it. Buddhists know this and are pretty cool about it. The modern, western civilization tries to ignore it and watch TV. But in the end, only death remains…

Impermanence is one of the most important concepts for Buddhists, without accepting that everything is transient, you’ll never achieve buddahood. Accepting death and inner peace go hand in hand.

In keeping with this Buddhist  view of the matter, I decided to take John Lennon’s concept of making a song that sounds as if you were sitting at the top of the himalayas…this is my take on it… soaked in reverb and just chilling. The song is really a mantra. Same chords repeated all the way thru, cyclical, like life.

Syd Barrett Was my Grandad, coming son to Sound Food & Drink

Psychedelic Music Night in Liverpool…Coming soon!

Syd Barrett Was My Grandad. Well, I wish. Well, well, well, Syd WILL be my, and your, grandad, for one and one night only… at Sound Food & Drink (Duke st. Liverpool)

We’re organizing a night dedicated to the finest psych music from the past, present and future. Expect anything from Soft Machine to Sleepy Sun, Yardbirds, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Wooden Shjips, Spacemen3, Love and, of course, lots of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett!

Also, there’ll be a one-off live performance by The Lucifer Sams, playing some truly mind-melting psych music!!!

Add to this 3 projectors blasting psychedelic images, oil lamp lights and best of all, FREE ENTRY… it’s a night you can’t miss, psych people!



Syd Barrett Was my Grandad, coming son to Sound Food & Drink

Syd Barrett Was my Grandad, coming son to Sound Food & Drink