Liverpool Invisible Psych Arkestra #2: ‘Melt’ (California Mix)

Liverpool Invisible Psych Arkestra is back! ‘Melt’ is the second collaboration between Ivan Hell (Dirtblonde, Songs About Death) and Chris Jones (Sunstack Jones).

‘Melt’ is pure Summer! A very psychedelic Summer, like they used to be. Enjoy…


Psych Freak Out! Listen to I’m Insane (4-track demo)

Here’s a 4-track home demo by Ivan Hell, pure psych freak out lasting 10-minutes. The video uses footage from the great, lost 1960’s Henri Georges Clouzot film, L’Enfer.



Ivan Hell... DJ-ing soon, at Motel Bar in Liverpool


Sunday nights in Liverpool are about to get a bit more exciting, thanks to F*CK, the new weekly club night at Motel Bar (5-7 Fleet st). Bringing together local acts playing stripped down sets, film projections and resident DJ Ivan Hell playing some dirty rock’n’roll, F*CK promises to be a different kind of club night, and lots of fun!

Ivan Hell... DJ-ing soon, at Motel Bar in Liverpool

Ivan Hell… DJ-ing soon, at Motel Bar in Liverpool

“We’re not interested in playing indie hits. This night is for people who get excited about the idea of going out for a drink and listen to stuff such as Brian Jonestown Massacre, Neutral Milk Hotel, Deerhunter, Suicide, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins…” explains Ivan “I always wanted to have a regular DJ slot at a place where people would appreciate listening to something like Velvet Underground’s ‘Sister Ray,’ followed by the Black Lips ‘Everyone Loves A Cocksucker’ and Motel Bar is the only place where it’d feel right!”

And it’s no wonder – Motel Bar has already been hailed as the spiritual successor of the original Korova, where F*CK club first started.

“F*CK was one of the first regular nights at Korova [read more about it here], and it was a place where we’d play tunes no one else played, as well as booking some pretty good new local acts, whose members went on to join bands around today in Liverpool, such as Double

Echo, Broken Men and Sunstack Jones” explains Ivan “So, it’s great to do F*CK again, at a place like Motel Bar which feels like “home” unlike any other local venue since Korova!”

“But the vibe will be a bit different, since we only got a limited space and PA. More stripped down, more kinda like Jeff Buckley live at Sin-E if that makes sense… intimate sets, intimate space. But none of the usual boring acoustic acts you see everywhere.”

The initial selection of acts playing at the first (and only!) weekly band night at Motel Bar includes Ivan’s new project, the psych-acoustic Songs About Death, as well as some familiar names from the local music scene: poet/songwriter hero Tom George, Villy Raze (of Dead Class), Sunstack Jones, Rory & Ned, Claire Welles, Dom New

Ivan Hell at Motel

Ivan Hell at Motel

ton, Esa Shields and, making a live return to Liverpool, Amy Corcoran (founder member of Kling Klang).

F*CK Club @ Motel Bar starts Sunday 27th October from 9pm, with live sets by Songs About Death & special guests. The film projector will be showing rare Andy Warhol films all night long, including Chelsea Girls.


F*CK Club at Motel Bar poster

F*CK Club at Motel Bar poster