Psych Freak Out! Listen to I’m Insane (4-track demo)

Here’s a 4-track home demo by Ivan Hell, pure psych freak out lasting 10-minutes. The video uses footage from the great, lost 1960’s Henri Georges Clouzot film, L’Enfer.



Lucifer Sams, psych band from Liverpool

Ave, Lucifers! Lucifer Sams psych gig at Mello Mello Next Thursday, 13th March

Songs About Death metamorphoses into a full on psychedelic band from one night only! Ivan Hell, Esa Shields, Denis and Jules are… the Lucifer Sams, the most psychedelic of psych bands in Liverpool!

The Lucifer Sams will play a gig at Pete Bentham’s Free Rock & Roll night at Mello Mello cafe, next Thursday 13th March. Expect a wide range of different, psych songs (sung by Ivan and Esa) and long, improvised, feedback drenched jams. Hey man, it will be cool…

Here’s a sample of what to expect – a jam inspired by Pink Floyd’s Interestellar Overdrive: