Jack Nicholson in The Shining

Feeling brave? Join Jack & some ghosts at the Shining Halloween Party @ Motel Bar!

For one evening only, upstairs at Motel Bar (5-7 Fleet St, Liverpool) will turn into a room from the Overlook “Motel”! That’s right – the place to be this Halloween, in Liverpool, will be Motel! Join us and some ghosts for a The Shining-themed party! Film projections while Ivan Hell DJ some songs about death… and a Jack Nicholson / Shelley Duvall lookalike comp! (Dressing the part would help…but we’ll want you to pull some classic The Shining faces!)

And the best part – it’s totally FREE!!!

Join us 31st October at Motel Bar, for a Halloween party with a difference! From 9pm…

View Facebook event page

The Shining Halloween Party @ Motel Bar

red rum, red rum, red rum…

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